Trs Fenugreek Seed – 100g

The use of fenugreek for breast enhancement has not been supported by scientific medical study. However, some believe that fenugreek is a powerful BREAST-ENHANCING agent when applied topically, such as herbalist and physical therapist Caitlin MacKenna. Writing at Natural Remedies, MacKenna states that fenugreek stimulates breast growth by mimicking estrogen and by stimulating prolactin. The effects of fenugreek on breast GROWTH can be maximized by rubbing the extract into the skin, where it can be absorbed directly into the affected tissue rather than being diminished in potency through digestion. Although fenugreek is a culinary herb fit for human consumption as a flavoring in food, consult a physician before consuming significant quantities of fenugreek or any other herbal treatment.

Breast Milk

Fenugreek contains phytoestrogens, chemical compounds similar to estrogen, and consuming fenugreek has been used as a method of increasing a breastfeeding mother’s milk for thousands of years, according to registered nurse Cindy Curtis, an international board-certified lactation consultant who founded the informational resource website Breastfeeding Online. Fenugreek extract is most commonly taken in capsule form for breastmilk stimulation purposes. A boost in milk production will be apparent 24 to 72 hours after consuming fenugreek capsules, Curtis advises. Fenugreek supplements can be discontinued after an adequate supply of milk has been reached, as continued nursing by the infant will maintain an ongoing production. Fenugreek should absolutely not be used by pregnant women, however, as it may trigger uterine contractions that can lead to miscarriage.

Natural Glow:

Fenugreek seeds have a moisturizing, sticky substance which can treat dryness of the skin. Fenugreek pack can help in rendering a natural glow to your skin by reducing patchiness and making skin even toned. It can also help in repairing the skin cells and protecting them from oxidative damage


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Product Description

Trs Fenugreek Seed – 100g

  • supports breast increase
  • promotes healthy milk production for breastfeeding mothers
  • all natural
  • it is safe
  • no side effects


1 pack of 100g Fenugreek Seed


  • Product Line: Kimani
  • Production Country: United Kingdom
  • Weight (kg): 0.1
  • Color: Brown
  • Main Material: Fenugreek Seeds

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